Your Event or Meeting Planning Website…Does it Suck?

When the internet was first taking off, many websites were all about flashy animation, graphics, cool widgets, and more fun things to mess around with.  Fast forward to today and the websites and the internet as a whole are all about one thing, great content.  I see so many event and meeting planner websites that are either too basic or too flashy.  I understand that we are in a visual business and image does matter, but only to a certain degree.  People will not wait 30 seconds for a website to load because it has all kinds of neat animation or moving photos on it.  Customers come for the information that you can provide to them, essentially solutions to their problems.  If it takes too long to reach the information they came for, then you have lost a customer.  Some planners and event production websites are so basic that they contain almost no relevant information on them at all.  I have seen many websites of event planners, meeting planners, and more with nothing more than a couple of pages.  It consists of an about us page, services, and contact page. Then they wonder why they get no leads from their website and business is so slow.  This type of website is totally useless to any client looking to use your services.  In fact, I would argue that you do more harm than good by putting up this kind of a website.  The conclusion the customer draws is that you have nothing relevant to offer them and that your services are a dime a dozen.  They gain no insight when looking at your site.  For the record, the same message is true when you see flash websites or highly animated sites with no content.

Today’s marketplace is tougher than ever and you need all the tools you can to beat your competition.  If you do nothing else except add a blog to your website, you will be ahead of most meeting and event planners.  Offerring good content on a consistent basis is a sure fire way to get repeat traffic and long term customers.  So, take a hard look at your website.  Is it boring with no information or flashy with no real take away value?  If so, I suggest you do some customer research and find out how well that strategy is working for you.  I think you will be surprised.

Joshua Gair – Impact Entertainment


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