If You Don’t Make Mistakes, You Won’t Make Anything

When I talk to friends and colleagues of mine, they often ask me how I am able to keep up with all the tools available to grow my business and learn to use them effectively.  I usually joke  and tell them to make a ton of mistakes and try things.  They laugh it off and then ask for the real info.  The truth is, mistakes are how everything in life is accomplished.  Look at any successful person, and you will find that they have failed at more things than the average person has, which is exactly why they succeed.  It is their willingness to try new things, test ideas, put themselves out there and not be afraid of failure.  I can tell you personally that I tried many social networks before choosing the ones I am on today, I tried different sales models, and I even had two other blogs before this one, which I abandoned due to lack of traffic and not really understanding how blogging works.   To be successful in any industry, you should try, try some more, try differently, try with someone’s help and just keep trying.

Joshua Gair – Impact Entertainment



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