A Great Time to Promote……Well Anything!

Lots and lots of print magazines, publications, newspapers and more are struggling financially these days.  If you are planning a public event, this is a great time to leverage that power to your advantage.  You now have the upper hand when looking to advertise in one of these publications.  When you find the right magazine that reaches your core audience, look at each page and search for empty ad space or house ads.  This is where the publication advertises it’s own ads.  You then call up the publication and make an offer for the ad space.  My advice is to offer 60% to 70% below the retail price for the ad.  You may even get a better deal if you offer to run the ad for a longer period of time.  Make sure you take advantage of these discounts to save money when promoting your event.  You might just end up putting more money in your pocket as a result.

Joshua Gair – Impact Entertainment



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