Selling the Event or Meeting With Your Words

Often times when planners look to sell their event to their client or even the general public, word choice can play a great role in determining the outcome of the sale.  Word choice is not something you hear about much in sales or the events or meetings industry either.  Planners tend to focus on the visual aspect with beautiful pictures, portfolios, videos and more.   This is perfectly understandable since we are a visual industry and we are selling our concepts.  However, the right visuals put together with the right words and phrases can make the sale that much easier.  Here is a nice list of words and phrases to describe various messages for you to use in your event and meeting proposals, pitches, ads and more.


Dear Patron of the Arts, Welcome to…, Greetings!, You are cordially invited…, A personal invitation…, We request your presence…, Get ready to enjoy…


The Nation’s Leading…, Renowned, The Most Imitated, of high repute, high ranking, has won accolades, illustrious, noteworthy, prominent, the leader in…


Live it up!, let yourself go, get away from it all, revelry, carefree, festive, indulge yourself, escapades, just for laughs…


glamorous, smashing, high society, in vogue, trendy, sleek, sophisticated, dashing, well tailored, dressed to kill, distinctive, tasteful, sassy, all the rage…

Joshua Gair – Impact Entertainment Services


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