The Good Old Benefit Concert

During difficult times throughout American history, benefit concerts are a time tested way to get through a tragic event or difficult enviornment, but is also serves as a great way to raise money for a good cause.  Whether you run a non profit agency or an event planning company, a well put together benefit concert may just be the perfect way to combat our current recession.  The nice thing about a benefit concert is that you have lots of flexibility.  You can choose the charity that you donate to, the entertainers you choose, and the location where it will be held.  History has shown that when all other event attendance seems to be dropping off, the public is still very receptive to a benefit concert that is put on for a good cause.  For maximum impact, you may choose to obtain some celebrity performers to headline the concert.  This is not necessary, but it helps to generate buzz and garner more media attention.  You can just as easily have a concert with all local talent, although it is usually a good idea to have at least one celebrity act.

Back when 9/11 happened, there were many benefit concerts going on.  Here is an example of one where lots of celebrities got together on one stage for a big time performance.  Some of the celebrities who participated are Mariah Carey, Michael Jackson, Usher,  and others.  The song was recorded for charity.

Joshua Gair – Impact Entertainment


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