Live Event Entertainment…..Recession Proof?

We have gotten off to a great year here at Impact Entertainment, despite the constant economic news and turmoil that is taking place.  More inquiries are coming in for events such as family reunions, corporate board meetings, weddings, birthday events and even celebrity bookings.  In fact, I recently receieved an email from a woman out in Oregan who is looking to get celebrity James Blunt to sing, “Your Beautiful” at her daughters wedding.  I am in the midst of working out the details with her and James Blunt’s people, but it got me to thinking.  Is live event entertainment recession proof?  I mean, here is a woman who is looking to spend big time money for a 5 minute song performed by a celebrity at her daughters wedding in order to make sure her day is extra memorable.  I think it shows that even in the face of adversity, people will still spend and spend well, on things that have a high value to them or someone they love.  Other bookings we have gotten are from corporations who are looking for something light to take their minds off the economy and it’s troubles.  Live entertainment is a great way to accomplish that.  If you are an event or meeting planner or part of the hospitality industry at all, think creatively about how you can add more value to your products or services and therefore make them a priority for your target market, the same way live entertainment relieves the economic worries, at least for the time when the entertainment is taking place. Everbody would like a break from time to time.  For example, perhaps you are an event or party planner who is struggling.  You may want to create packages with emotional names to sell your services.  How about the, “Escape Your Troubles” package.  You could then include a number of your services designed to take people on a small trip or event where for a day or weekend, all their troubles dissappear.  That is a great emotional selling point in today’s marketplace, don’t you think?  Now is a great time to take a hard look at your services and see if you are really providing value and clearly communicating that value to clients and potential clients, and if you are not, perhaps you should rethink your strategy.

Remember, whether a client comes to you or you go to them, it is all in how you sell it.  People do not buy what they need, they buy what they want.  Sell on emotion as often as you can.

Joshua Gair – Impact Entertainment


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