Give Them a Unique Theme, & They Will Come

There are a number of ways to drive attendance at an event, party, convention and more. A popular way is to tie the event in with a great creative theme such as wild west, 80’s and others. This a  great way to go, but often times planners have a hard time coming up with something truly innovative and new. Many themes have been done before and some are not even all that exciting. That said, there is a great website, called where you can search by the month for offbeat and novel holidays to tie your event in with or create a theme from. The more unique the holiday or ocassion you partner with, the better chance you have of media exposure too. You can take a look at the hard copy of Chases at your local library in the reference section.

Josh Gair – Impact Entertainment


One response to “Give Them a Unique Theme, & They Will Come

  1. I remember using this resource as a radio personality years ago. I forgot all about it. I’m headed to the library right now. Thanks!

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