The Most Powerful Force in Popular Culture

I suppose the title of this post caught your attention. What is the most powerful force in popular culture? The answer is, celebrity. America’s thirst for celebrity gossip, news, and more is never ending and getting stronger everyday. We all love to read the magazines, blogs, and TV shows to catch a glimpse into their world and the inner workings of Hollywood. I understand what the fascination is with celebrities. They are good looking, have lots of money, fame, and get lots of perks because of it. All those things aside, they are just like anybody else, which is why I often wonder why the magazines take photos of a celebrity shopping at a supermarket or browsing a bookstore. For me, I would much rather look at a photo of them at an awards show. This is something very few people ever experience. Shopping is so mundane and not worth a photo, at least not to me. Others may disagree.

Their fame allows them to command very high fees when corporations and planners are looking to hire them for their events. Celebrities and their agents know the drawing power of a national name and they make sure that the fee reflects that. Celebrity bookings can run from $30,000 all the way to millions of dollars for a single performance or appearance. Is it worth it? That depends on who you ask. If you are an event planner who is looking to guarantee that a certain number of people attend an event, a celebrity is a sure fire way to do that. Sometimes, that is all you need to get a nice turnout. They key is matching the celebrity with the right audience, cause, and goal of the event to make sure it is a success and that the celebrity does not detract from the message or goal of the event.

Well, I’m off to read some gossip magazines and blogs. Until next time.

Joshua Gair – Impact Entertainment


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