The Big Idea

Don’t underestimate the power of good brainstorming for that big idea.  If you are trying to get an event off the ground or can’t delineate the primary components for a decided upon event, try brainstorming.  You may be so close to your company’s goals that an outside, objective perspective will bring you untold advantages and rewards.  While you may be inclined to simply invite those you work with most closely, don’t shy away from bringing in those you respect from other departments or, if appropriate, even outside the company, as long as they have your best interests at heart.  To help with brainstorming meetings or events, bring in newspapers, magazines and printed web sites to peruse coverage given to recent business happenings and celebrations.  You may also wish to try free association and have everyone throw out as many ideas as they can and write them all down, only to narrow the choices later.

Josh Gair – Impact Entertainment


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