Web Based Events!!

Although most of the events, meetings, and conferences that take place are done in a real person to person setting, many companies have embraced web conferences and events as a way to save on travel and time while still accomplishing goals that require involvement from multiple parties.  If you are hoping for face time, you can also use computers with cameras that show pictures of the participants.  Many stores carry this type of equipment and it is not all that expensive.  Some of the reasons for a web conference or event may include, training for new employees or new products, sales presentations, conducting staff meetings, holding press conferences, and implementing focus groups.

Beware of technical problems that might interfere with your web conference or e-seminar.  By virtue of the fact that you’re assembling others via technology, you run the risk of hampering your efforts with hard to predict snafus.  Being cognizant that you may encounter difficulties, make sure you have backup plans in place with your web conferencing software provider so that problems can be quickly rectified.  Many web conference companies have personnel attending your event while everyone is online so that such problems, should they arise, can be dealt with quickly and eliminated.  Even if a tech person isn’t in the conference with you, have a phone number for technical support handy should you need to call it.  If possible, and particularly if you have never conducted a web conference or e-seminar, consider holding a practice session so you are familiar with procedures and possible problems.

For both web conferencing and e-seminars, think about timing for your event.  You should consider time zones.  For example, 3 p.m. on the east coast will be lunch time on the west coast.  Holding it on Monday won’t provide the opportunity for a timely e-mail reminder, and Fridays may be the start of a long weekend for some.  Also consider such possible conflicts as federal holidays and trade show dates.  Even so, once you’ve set a date, make sure to follow up with a reminder thanking the participants for registering as well as another reminder e-mail a few days before the e-seminar to confirm the time, date, and content.  For a web conference, follow meeting guidelines for the appropriate length.  Just like in a meeting or in a seminar, you won’t have participants endless attention.

You may want to check out www.webex.com and www.gotomeeting.com for more detailed information.

Joshua Gair – Impact Entertainment



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