2009 Predictions

2008 is over and it seems like it went by fairly fast. I think the entertainment, meetings, and events industry are going to see a lot of changes in 2009. Below are some of my predictions. Who knows, I may be able to predict the future. Only time will tell.

– More and more event planning companies will be putting together packages for smaller events and offering yearly contracts for events in order to sustain themselves in the current economy.

– You will have more companies than ever going green, especially hotels. They will be doing remodels, adding green hotel rooms with enviornmental bed sheets perhaps and more.

– Companies and organizations will look more to celebrity entertainment for their events in order to help boost attendances, encourage word of mouth and get more ROI. Although celebrity entertainment costs much more, local entertainment will not be enough to draw people to events in this economy.

– There will be more emphasis put on having events and meetings at companies around holidays in order to help justify them to the media. After all, companies can’t be having a nice time in the middle of an economic collapse, right?

– Finally, I think more event and meeting planners will look to get advanced education whether it be in the form of certifications or simply attending more conferences to further enhance their knowledge and skills.

Josh Gair – Impact Entertainment



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