Guerilla Marketing for Trade Shows

There are plenty of trade shows in the meetings and events industry, such as ISES, MPI, and more. If you are going to have a booth at a trade show, you need to get attention from the attendees in order to make it worth your time and financial investment. There are thousands of booths all competing for the attention of the guests and attendees. Below are some novel ideas to guarantee that your next trade is exciting and brings in the people.

1. Offer free food such as homemade cookies, brownies with the company name written in the frosting, or a giant cookie of some sort.

2. Have a national celebrity at your booth signing autographs and taking pictures with attendees.

3. Find out the city of the trade show and arrange to have a local TV news anchor at your booth. This is inexpensive and can garner you media attention.

4. Book an entertainer at your booth. Options could be a magician, soft background singer, juggler, acrobat, caricaturist. Whatever entertainment you choose, make sure it fits with the theme of your company and conveys the proper message to attendees.

5. Have a contest to win a big prize or a wacky prize. You could give away a large screen TV or something crazy like a date with one of the employees at the booth.

6. Send out a stilt walker announcing your booth number.

7. Have skateboarders cruise the aisles telling attendees to stop by your booth and handing out brochures.

8. You could have an odd animal on display for people to look at and pet. Offer them photos with the animal. Again, make sure the animal is relevant to your business and conveys the message you want.

9. Book a celebrity impersonator and have them take pictures and sign attendees schedules.

10. Lastly, one of the best ways to get noticed at a trade show is to throw a great party at the hotel and invite all the attendees to come. Admission should be free and you should make the party fun and entertaining. This allows you to bond with your clients and potential clients, and they are more likely to remember you after the show is over, and more importantly they will react positively and take your phone calls and answer your emails.

You may even want to throw a small party at your booth! Now there’s an idea.

Josh Gair – Impact Entertainment


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