In any business, a strategic partnership is key to not only getting new business but also bulding multiple channels for leads into your business, and special event companies are no exception.  For example, if you run an event planning company, you may want to partner up with local venues at which events might be held.  Ge to know the manager, drop off business cards, so that when someone is talking to them about having an event there, the manager can give them one of your cards.  You may even work out a deal where you give a certain percentage of the sale back to the venue, so you both make money from it.  If you are a wedding planner, you could partner with a local jewerly store to market to the couples looking for engagement rings.  If you are a meeting planner, you could partner with the Chamber of Commerce for local businesses and help plan their meetings.  Other partnership possibilities are caterers, florists, entertainment companies, decor companies, and more.  Use your imagination and develop as many partnerships as you can.  The more you have, the more leads you get, which means more business.

By the way, I am partnered with a meeting planner, decor company, caterer, event planner, DMC, and many more.  Trust me when I say that it works.

Josh Gair – Impact Entertainment


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