Celebrate the Season with Thanks

If you are like me, you are probably getting a ton of holiday cards in the mail ranging from friends, family, companies, and more.  As an event or meeting planner, it is tempting to send out  a stack of holiday postcards to your list of clients, past event attendees, and others but it would most likely be a mistake.  Often times, when one gets a holiday card in the mail with no personalization whatsoever, it conveys the message that the recipient is no more important than anyone else that got the same card with the same holiday message.  Work hard to personalize your cards.  I know this can be very difficult when you are mailing to a large list of contacts, but you do more harm by sending out generic cards to everyone you know.  If you start this early before the holiday season, it is not that hard of a task.

To really make the card stand out, you may want to hand write a short message on the card to add a personal touch to it.  You could also write something non business related, such as a asking them about a favorite hobby of theirs or what presents they think they will get. This helps you connect on a more human level as opposed to just sticking to business.  Whatever you choose to do, please do not make the mistake of sending out boring and generic cards this year.  Be innovative and different.  It helps build the relationship and is worth it in the long run.  Trust me.

Josh Gair – Impact Entertainment



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