A Dose of Inspiration

In today’s economy, and the constant bad news we hear from the various media channels, it can be very difficult to maintain a positive attitude and continue to push forward towards success.  Whether you own your business or work for someone else, it never hurts to add a dose of inspirtation to your life.

Look at these examples to see how people persisted in the face of critics, adversity, and other hardships.

1. “Liquidate the business right now and recoup whatever cash you can.  If you don’t, you will end up penniless.”

The attorney of cosmetic tycoon Mary Kay Ash, weeks before she opened her first store.

2. “You can’t play the piano, and God knows you can’t sing.  You’d better learn how to weave chairs so you can support yourself.”

A comment by Ray Charles’s teachers.

3.  “A global, twenty-four hour news network will never work.”

Network executives response to Ted Turner’s plans for CNN.

4.  “There’s no market for it.  If there were, major airlines would already by offering it.  You won’t be able to find reliable couriers.”

Conclusion of advisors to Fred Smith, founder of Federal Express.

Remember, most people give up when so called experts tell them why an idea is not feasible.  It is the focus and determination to succeed that sepearates the mediocre from the stars.  Which one are you??

Josh Gair – Impact Entertainment



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