5 More Tips For Event Companies to Survive the Recession

1.  Instead of advertising in publications, try writing a great informative article that illustrates your expertise and also aims at your target market.  After you have written the article, offer it to publications that match your market.

2.  Start a blog, like this one!  A blog helps you connect with your customers and develop a relationship past just trying to sell something in the short term and it also allows you to deliver great content to your target market.

3.  Use super creative mailings to reach customers and prospects and get them to respond.  You might try sending a small stuffed dog toy with a note in it’s mouth saying, “I don’t mean to hound you, but I would love to meet with you.”  You could also send a giant cookie with a letter that reads, “Your one tough cookie.”  Use your imagination and think outside the box.  I have used these ideas and more and had great success.  The key is to mail something that cannot be ignored and a lumpy envelople or box sends just that message.

4.  Pick only the networking events you feel are the most worthwhile.  In this economy, it is tempting to go to tons of networking events to try and get business.  You will waste your time and money at most, so pick a few, find out who is attending, and go regularly to develop deep relationships.  It will benefit you in the long run.

5.  Offer an offbeat promotion in conjunction with a holiday.  Instead of doing a christmas holiday promotion like so many do, you may want to try something on Halloween or April Fools Day to stand out.  The promotion could be a coupon, free gift with purchase, extra services, etc…  Whatever you do, do not send an email or mailing out wishing everyone a happy holidays without some kind of offer, as it is usually a waste of money and time in my opinion.  If you are going to send something out, especially in this economy, make sure there is a great offer for the customer.

Enjoy these tips and more importantly, use them!

Josh Gair – Impact Entertainment



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