12 Tips for Selecting a Top Notch Caterer for Your Event

Tom is a great friend of mine and a smart business man, and runs a remarkable catering company. Check out his great advice to help make your next event a success with great catering insights.

What should someone look for when selecting an ethical caterer?

1.  Make sure they are licensed and insured for off-site catering.  If the food service is not at a restaurant, the caterer is required to have a separate off-premise catering license.  Caterers with these licenses have equipment and training to safely transport and serve food outside of their kitchens.  Most states do not allow catering to be produced in a home kitchen.

2. Look for a caterer that carries liquor liability insurance if your event will serve alcohol.  We recommend limiting alcohol consumption to four hours maximum.  This could help prevent a tragedy.

3. It is a must to visit their kitchen.  If a caterer will not let you visit their kitchen, be weary.  A professional caterer should be proud to show you their kitchen and introduce you to their staff.  Notice if the kitchen is clean and well organized.  Seeing the kitchen will tell you a great deal about the caterer.

4. Find out if the caterer will allow change to the menu.  Remember, it’s your event and the caterer may think their dishes are perfect, but do you?

5. Make sure the caterer will provide a sample tasting of some of the food that is going to be served.

6. Always sign a detailed contract, however don’t sign it until you are completely satisfied and they can answer all of your questions to your satisfaction.

7.  Does the caterer have familiarity with local venues?

8.  Is the caterer a “Preferred Vendor” at any particular venues?

9.  Are there previous clients you could speak to?

10. Does the caterer have any specialties?

11.  How long has the caterer been in business?

12.  Does the caterer have any industry affiliations?

I want to thank Tom for providing these great tips on choosing a caterer.  They are right on point.

You can find out more information about how to make your next event a success with exceptional catering by visiting Tom’s website at www.bigcitycatering.com

Josh Gair – Impact Entertainment



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