Meeting About Your Meeting?

Before you get to the site of your meeting, you will want to meet with the convention services manager (CSM) or catering manager (CM) or even both.  You may meet with them one time or a dozen times depending on the size, location, and scope of your meeting or event.  You may also meet with the audio-visual personnel and the chef.  This is when you finalize the details.

Once you are on site, you will be introduced to the rest of the staff responsible for the execution of your meeting.  Each facility is run according to its own guidelines, but basically, there are seven departments you will work with on site:

1. Audio-visual– Responsible for the sound, lighting, sometimes engineering, equipment, and labor for these.

2. Banquets – Serves the food and beverages to the attendees.

3. Bell Stand – Helps the guests carry their belongings to their rooms, it is also a resource for directions and other general questions.

4. Convention Services – Sets up the meeting and banquet rooms and often times coordinates the overall flow of tasks between other departments.

5. Front Office – Checks the guests in and out of the hotel, also oversees concierge.

6. Housekeeping – Cleans the guestrooms and public areas.

7. Reservations – Makes the guest room reservations and helps you on site with any changes.

This is a nice quick guide to use when you arrive at your venue.  Enjoy it and enjoy your meeting or event!

Josh Gair – Impact Entertainment


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