Change is in the Air

Here at Impact Entertainment, things have indeed been changing, mostly because of the recent economic realities that have taken place.  However the changes are not the kind we expected.  We are seeing more and more requests for celebrities than ever before.  This seemed odd to me at first, since celebrities are the highest cost of any of the live entertainment we offer.  Then I thought about it and I figured out why this is the case.  In the current economic climate, more and more events are finding it increasingly difficult to get people to attend their events, so they need to utilize every marketing and promotional tactic available to them, and what is one of the easiest ways to attract attendees, the press, and more?  Of course, book a big name celebrity to either perform at your event or make a short appearance.  Granted, booking a celebrity costs a lot more than going with a local act, but consider the free press you garner as a result of it and not to mention the word of mouth it generates.  It seems obvious why companies, non profits and more are delegating more of their budget to obtaining a celebrity for their event.  After all, doing the same thing expecting different results is called insanity.

Joshua Gair – Impact Entertainment


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