Interview with Davis Dureault of BizBash

Enjoy this interesting interview with a good friend of mine, Davis Dureault.

1. What do you think is the biggest challenge for people in the event industry today?
One of the biggest challenges for planners and vendors that I notice, is that they have to try to flex their creative muscles while being chained down by the clients’ respective budget/s. For some, getting a chance to really perform for larger clients who usually already have most of their suppliers, designers, planners and venders aligned. I guess the real skill comes in for the people in the industry who can perform exceptionally within those budgets and use their creativity to save their clients’ money without effecting the overall quality of their events.
2. How do you think the economy affects the event industry?
Well in a down turning economy, I would say fear and conservation of resources have a ripple effect. However, when the economy starts to decline, some companies panic and some decide to step it up and act on some of the great ideas they have had that have been collecting dust. It’s inspiring to see how many of the companies in the event industry in Orlando have created “more value for less” for their clients in the face of adversity. Also, investments and the value of the US dollar can have a huge effect on the direction that companies go with their events. When people are profiting, they are more liberal with their money and often opt to “Go Big” with their events, which trickles business down to suppliers in the event industry.
3. What qualities make a great event or meeting planner?
Aside from the overall creativity, multitasking, outside the box thinking, professionalism, organization and spirit, the planner needs to have the ability to be optimistic about budgetary constraints, and must always be able to impress their clients as well as the patrons of the event or meeting, no matter what the circumstance. Also, I think it’s extremely important for planners to be able to sell their ideas to their clients.
4. What do you think is the number one way to earn clients in the special events industry?
Consistent success and proving great character, alongside a long and impressive list of referrals from happy clients!
Bio- Davis Dureault, born 1979, is a natural advocate to the industry of events, and has a long list of happy clients in the corporate sector of events, especially in the aerospace and defense industries. As the founder of Cre8ive Productions, a very successful special event and promotions group, Davis has successfully produced hundreds of highly entertaining events and concerts, with often record-breaking attendance. In Orlando, he now serves as one of BIZBASH’’s top producers in sales for their print magazine, BIZBASH Florida, as well as one of the world’s largest online event resources. His expertise and passion, resides in marketing consulting and sales within the special events industry.
Contact info: Phone: 407-754-8394 Email:

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