5 Ways to Raise Attendance at Your Event

1.  Make sure you alert the local press, newspapers, TV, magazines, and more about your upcoming event.  Even invite them to attend as your special guest.  You can also list your event in many publications for free, just check with your local newspapers.

2. Hire a celebrity to perform or just to attend your event and be sure to publicize it widely in all your marketing materials, on your website, and of course in your ads.  This helps generate buzz for the event.

3.  Send out an email to your list about the upcoming event well in advance to give them ample time to fit the event into their schedule.  Also, be sure to mention in the email that you would appreciate if they would pass the email along to anyone they think should attend.

4. Offer a big prize at the event that is given away through a drawing.  This would be advertised as an extra incentive to attend.  Examples of creative prizes could be, backstage tickets to a concert, shopping sprees, gift cards, and more.

5. Finally, be sure to have LOTS of incentives to come to the event.  When you combine all the things listed above plus more, along with constantly promoting the event, you are sure to have a nice turnout.

Joshua Gair – Impact Entertainment



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