Orlando Entertainment & Event Association Wrap Up

Well, last night the orlando entertainment and events association had it’s montly party.  We had about 30 people show up.  Many were students from the Rosen college, some were event professionals, some performers, and many others as well.  Ironically, we had many people, about 20 or so, that sent in their RSVP and did not show up.  This is somewhat of a mystery to me.  I think the economy has a lot to do with it.  People are more stressed than ever and perhaps they forgot or just did not have the time.  In any event, I am happy about the number of students we had attend, as I think reaching out to them is a sure fire way to grow the industry. I think I will elicit the help of the students to help get the word out, so they meet more people and make the connections they need for their careers.  After all, the more people that attend, the more everyone benefits and are more likely to return each month.  All in all, things went ok.  I always strive for the best, but perhaps the cards were not there last night.  We will continue to work hard and I am sure that over the long term it will be successful, as I know the concept is strong.

P.S.  I will read the comments and actually act on them.  I am open to any suggestions from anyone who attended.

Joshua Gair – Impact Entertainment



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